This is a list of the Publicans and Beer Sellers.

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Albert James KnowlandLicenced Victualler, Retired14 Dec 1984
Ann EInnkeeper2 Apr 1911
Charles Henry BrunningInn Keeper2 Apr 1911
Charles Henry BrunningInn Keeper1 Dec 1917
Charles RolfeBeer House Keeper3 Apr 1881
Charles RolfeInnkeeper (deceased)30 Sep 1888
Charles SalterInn Keeper8 Apr 1906
Charles SalterLicenced Victualler2 Apr 1911
Charles Thomas KnowlandLicenced Victualler12 Jun 1913
Daisy May Crow-HippersonInn Keepers Daughter2 Apr 1911
Daniel WythePlumber, Gazier, Painter, Beer30 Mar 1851
Dennis George KnowlandDennis Knowland painted from a
Devereux JessopPublican16 Jun 1887
Devereux JessopRetired Innkeeper27 Aug 1897
Devereux Jessop HowlettPublican & Brewer30 Mar 1851
Edmund TydemanCherry Tree Inn1830
Edmund TydemanInnkepper6 Jun 1841
Edmund TydemanCherry Tree Inn1844
Edmund TydemanInnkeeper & Farmer 4 acres emp30 Mar 1851
Edmund TydemanCherry Tree InnCherry Tree InnDebenham1855
Edward MortimerInnkeeper11 Jan 1883
Edward MortimerVictuallerKing's HeadDebenham1885
Edward MortimerInnkeeper7 Aug 1887
Edward PoddBlackmith & Publican employing7 Apr 1861
Eliza DashBeer Retailer - own Account31 Mar 1901
Elizabeth FulcherInn Keeper2 Apr 1871
Emma BullinghamPork Butcher & Publican5 Apr 1891
Emma BullinghamVictuallerKing's HeadDebenham1892
Emma CroweBeer Seller & Pork Butchers Wi2 Apr 1871
Eva Alice HippersonInn Keepers Daughter2 Apr 1911
Francis ColleyLicenced Victualler8 May 1878
Frederick James CroweInn Keeper & Pork Butcher2 Apr 1911
Frederick PlampingPublican2 Apr 1871
Frederick SalterPublican5 Apr 1891
Frederick TaylorBeer Retailer1896
Frederick TaylorInn Keeper Pub31 Mar 1901
George RufflesInn Keeper3 Apr 1881
HannahInn Keeper3 Apr 1881
Harry St. Michael KnowlandPublican
Henry ClementsBeerseller2 Apr 1871
Henry Joseph FoxPublican / Hotel Proprietor2 Apr 1911
Henry MarkhamInn Keeper & Pork Butcher (Mas3 Apr 1881
Henry MarkhamPork Butcher & VictuallerAngel InnDebenham1885
Henry ShrubbsWitnesses were Cha. ShrapnellSt. PaulBrixton1 Aug 1903
Herbert Frederick PiipeInn Keeper & Dealer31 Mar 1901
Herbert Frederick PiipeInn Keeper2 Apr 1911
James ChurchyardInnkeeper19 Apr 1881
James Walne"JAMES WALNE many y. a faithfuSt. Mary MagdaleneDebenham8 Jan 1861
John CaterInnkeeper8 Nov 1849
John PleasanceBeer Retailer2 Apr 1911
John SummersInnkeeper18 Nov 1817
John SummersVictualler8 May 1838
John SummersPublican6 Jun 1841
John WytheInnkeeper15 Apr 1849
John WythePublican30 Mar 1851
Joseph James Smithalso in the household is Franc21 Marlin SquareAbbots Langley2 Apr 1911
Joseph KnowlandCotton Spinner2 Apr 1871
Joseph WhitehartProprietor "Cherry Tree Inn"10 May 1893
Mary AnnBeer House Keepers Wife3 Apr 1881
Mary Ann MillerInn Keeper's Wife7 Apr 1861
Mary LockwoodBeer Retailer1896
Mary LockwoodBeer Retailer1900
Mary LockwoodBeer RetailerDove InnDebenham31 Mar 1901
Mary LockwoodInn Keeper2 Apr 1911
Michael HughesLieutenant-Colonel||||7th Servbt 1914-1919
Minnie A SnellPotential Birth: Minnie Ada J
Nathaniel EverettInn Keeper5 Apr 1891
Nathaniel EverettVictuallerThe Angel InnDebenham1892
Peter HowlettVictuallerAngel InnDebenham1865
Peter HowlettPublican2 Apr 1871
Peter HowlettVictuallerAngel InnDebenham1874
Peter HowlettVictualler & Market GardenerCherry Tree InnDebenham1885
Peter HowlettInn Keeper9 Mar 1887
Peter HowlettInnkeeper5 Apr 1891
Peter HowlettMarket Gardener & VictuallerCherry Tree InnDebenham1892
Philip GoodingBeer Retailer & Builder1865
Philip GoodingBuilder & Innkeeper2 Apr 1871
Philip GoodingBuilder & Beer Retailer1874
Philip GoodingBeer Retailer & Builder1875
Philip GoodingBeer House Keeper5 Apr 1891
Philip GoodingCarpenter & Beerho1892
Philip GoodingBeer Retailer & Bricklayer1892
Philip GoodingBeer Retailer & Bricklayer1896
Philip GoodingBeer Retailer & Bricklayer1900
Philip GoodingBeerhouse (Pub) Keeper & Build31 Mar 1901
Philip GoodingRetired Publican26 Mar 1903
Robert BowmanInnkeeper3 Apr 1881
Robert HideThe Angel InnThe Angel InnDebenham23 Sep 1758
Robert KnowlandCotton Spinner2 Apr 1871
Robert SimpsonInn Keeper23 Apr 1854
Robert SimpsonInn Keeper10 Mar 1857
Robert SimpsonInn Keeper22 Jun 1858
Seth RolfeInn Keeper7 Apr 1861
Thomas Henry DowsonLicenced Victualler12 Jun 1913
Thomas HippersonBeer Seller & Pork Butcher2 Apr 1871
Thomas HippersonPork Butcher & Beer Seller3 Apr 1881
Thomas HippersonBeer House Keeper & Pork Butch5 Apr 1891
Thomas HippersonBeerhouse1892
Thomas HippersonBeer Retailer & Pork Butcher1892
Thomas James Crowe-HippersonInn Keepers Son2 Apr 1911
Thomas MillsAngel Inn & Hardware dealerAngel InnDebenham1896
Thomas MillsBeer House Keeper31 Mar 1901
WaterhouseVictualler28 Sep 1838
William BeecroftVictualler16 Aug 1827
William BeecroftVictualler29 Sep 1829
William CornerPlumber & Inn KeeperDove InnDebenham5 Apr 1891
William George RogersLicenced Victualler2 Apr 1911
Winifred Madge PipeInn Keepers Daughter "Help"2 Apr 1911