This is a list of all the known Clergy to be associated with St. Andrew, Winston.

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Thomas MartynChaplainWinston1555
Johannes SympsonVicarWinston1555
Richard JeveVicarWinston2 Sep 1589
Richard JeveRectorWinston6 Aug 1603
Richard JeveVicarWinston19 Jul 1605
William WalkerVicarWinston2 Dec 1635
Richard JeveRectorWinston2 Dec 1635
Samuel StephensonVicarWinston2 Nov 1660
Samuel StephensonVicarWinston13 Aug 1662
Christopher SeamanRectorWinston2 Feb 1671
Samuel StephensonVicarWinston4 Sep 1683
Samuel StephensonVicarWinston4 Sep 1683
Samuelis StephensVicar - ResignationWinston22 Dec 1702
Robertus StephensonVicar. Also licenced as a SchWinston22 Dec 1702
Thomas CrosbyVicar. Personal union establiWinston4 Aug 1711
Robertus StephensonVicar. Personal union establiWinston4 Aug 1711
Thomas CrosbyVicarWinston25 Feb 1731
Jones JonesVicarWinston25 Feb 1731
John JonesVicarWinston29 Oct 1745
Bernard FournierVicarWinstonfr 1745-1747
Bernard FournierVicarWinstonfr 1745-1747
Thomas TookieVicarWinston19 Mar 1747
Thomas KnowlesVicarWinston25 Nov 1790
Thomas KnowlesVicar. Admitted and instituteWinston25 Mar 1791
Thomas TookieVicar. Admitted and instituteWinston25 Mar 1791
Thomas KnowlesVicarWinston4 Mar 1803
George MillersVicarWinston4 Mar 1803
Peploe William WardVicarWinston23 Jan 1806
Peploe William HamiltonVicarWinston23 Jan 1806
George MillersVicar - ResignedWinston23 Jan 1806
Maltyward SimpsonCurateWinston5 Jun 1813
Peploe William WardVicar CessionWinston24 Nov 1818
Peploe William HamiltonVicarWinston24 Nov 1818
Peploe William HamiltonVicar. On nomination of Dr. WWinston25 Nov 1818
UnknownVicar - CessionWinston25 Nov 1818
Maltyward SimpsonStipendiary CurateWinston4 Feb 1819
Peploe William WardVicar CessionWinston4 Feb 1819
Peploe William HamiltonVicarWinston4 Feb 1819
Maltyward SimpsonStipendiary CurateWinston3 Mar 1829
William WalkerVicarSt. AndrewWinston1 Apr 1644
John Sidney RobsonVicarSt. AndrewWinston1851