The following are publications that have been issued about Debenham or the Debenham Family.

Title Publication Details
A Short History Of Debenham Compiled By Pauline Heywood
2nd Edition 1996
Published by Debenham History Society
A Guide To St. Mary Magdalene Church, Debenham, Suffolk Roy Tricker, on behalf of
The Friends Of St. Mary's, Debenham
Debenham Congregational Church - A Short History Rev. Charles H. Newland
Published by Suzie
Debenham's Ecclesiastical Heritage Compiled By D. E. Aldred
Published by Debenham History Society
ISBN: 0 9511975 3 3
Samuel Dove's Debenham: His 19th Century Notes Towards A History Of Debenham Edited by Lennie Knowland
November 1986 1st Edition
ISBN: 0 9511975 0 9
Published by The Debenham Venacular (sic) Architectural Group
James Cornish's Debenham: His Reminiscences Of Country Life, 1860-83 By James George Cornish
November 1990
Published by Debenham History Society
ISBN: 0 9511975 1 7
Seven Centuries Of Debenhams By Frank Debenham, O.B.E
Professor Emeritus of Cambridge University
1957 1st Edition
Privately printed by Robert Maclehose & Company Limited, The University Press, Glasgow
A Record Of The Family Of Debenham Of Suffolk By Walter Debenham Sweeting, M.A.
1909 1st Edition
Printed for private circulation by The St. Catherine Press Ltd
A Family Of Devon - their Homes, Travels and Occupations By Vaughan Cornish, D.Sc.
1942 1st Edition
Published by King Bros. & Potts Ltd.
Fine Silks & Oak Counters - Debenhams 1778 - 1978 By Maurice Corina
1978 1st Edition
ISBN: 0 09 134910 9
Published by Hutchinson Benham, London