This is a list of all the known Clergy to be associated with St. Andrew, Mickfield.

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Thomas HayleRectorMickfieldc 1555
Charles GoddardRectorMickfield6 Aug 1603
Charles GudardRectorMickfield19 Jul 1605
Thomas CarrRectorMickfieldNov 1618
Thomas CarrRectorMickfield16 Nov 1618
Thomas CarrRectorMickfield5 Apr 1636
Thomas CarrRectorMickfield13 Aug 1662
Abraham ChaplinRectorMickfield24 Apr 1674
Thomas CarrRectorMickfield24 Apr 1674
Abrahamus ChaplinRectorMickfield24 Apr 1674
John SalmonRectorMickfield12 Dec 1715
William RayRectorMickfield19 Aug 1745
John SalmonRectorMickfield19 Aug 1745
Temple Fiske ChevallierRectorMickfield4 Feb 1788
William RayRectorMickfield4 Feb 1788
Temple Fiske ChevallierRector. Admitted and InstitutMickfieldfr 1788-1800
Temple ChevallierRectorMickfield14 Oct 1800
Temple Fiske ChevallierResigned as RectorMickfield14 Oct 1800
Temple ChevallierRectorMickfield14 Oct 1800
Maltyward SimpsonRectorMickfield20 Sep 1804
Maltyward SimpsonStipendiary Curate. Stipend sMickfield10 Jun 1827
Maltyward SimpsonRectorMickfield17 Feb 1829
Maltyward SimpsonRectorMickfield30 Mar 1851
Maltyward SimpsonRectorMickfield7 Apr 1861
Maltyward SimpsonRectorMickfield2 Apr 1871
Charles GudardRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1599-1618
Thomas ParneRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1618-1673
Abraham ChaplinRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1673-1715
John SalmonRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1715-1746
Thomas RayRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1746-1788
Temple ChevallierRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1788-1804
Maltyward SimpsonRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1804-1829
Maltyward SimpsonRector. Admitted and institutSt. AndrewMickfield20 Sep 1804
Maltyward SimpsonRector of MickfieldSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1829-1872
Maltyward SimpsonRector. Admitted and InstitutSt. AndrewMickfield17 Feb 1829
Maltyward SimpsonRector of MickfieldSt. AndrewMickfield31 Mar 1851
William DunningRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1873-1880
J. BrookRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1880-1883
Thomas Henry CurryRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1883-1890
Clement Raymond PerryRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1892-1925
Harold A LewtyRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1928-1931
Reginald Shrapnel ShrubbsRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1933-1969
Reginald Shrapnel ShrubbsRector of this Parish. ServicSt. AndrewMickfield15 Dec 1969
Eric R CrouchmanRectorSt. AndrewMickfieldbt 1972-1981