This is a list of all the known Millers in Debenham.

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Ambrose FrostMiller18 Apr 1830
Ambrose FrostMiller9 Oct 1831
Ambrose FrostMiller1839
Ambrose FrostMiller6 Jun 1841
Charles CracknellMiller2 Apr 1871
Charles EllisMiller26 Jun 1885
Charles EllisMiller5 Apr 1891
Frederic AldredMiller27 Jan 1857
Henry Edward GunnMiller29 Mar 1875
Henry FrostMiller23 Apr 1876
Jacob CullumMiller30 Mar 1851
Jacob EasterMiller5 Apr 1891
Jacob EasterMiller31 Mar 1901
Jasper George PageMiller27 Dec 1878
Syer CracknellMiller6 Jun 1841
Thomas PageMiller4 Jun 1888